Maples Group Mentors Local Students in Award-Winning Young Entrepreneur Programme

News Updated September 10, 2020

The Maples Group was delighted to once again have its team members take part in the 2019 / 2020 Junior Achievement (“JA”) programme. Nine individuals from the Group volunteered as business mentors to 11 local high school students in the recently concluded programme.

During the 18 week programme, local high school students formed small businesses to create and produce their own products with the assistance of corporate volunteers who act as business mentors and advisors.  Each student-run company elects a president and vice president and forms a board of directors to help make real-life strategic business decisions for their company. 

Eco was one of the companies formed under the guidance of Maples Group volunteers. Last month, they proudly collected two awards at the 2019 / 2020 JA virtual awards ceremony.

Eco was formed by Jonela McLean, Bryce Campbell, Shania Amador, Isabel Samuels, Jacqueline Jackson, Antwon Tulloch, Deniel Watson, Johanna Dixon, Monecia Tatum, Tadeu Gollnick and Sahil Jyoti.  The students came from various schools including Cayman Academy, Clifton Hunter High School, John Gray High School, UCCI and St. Ignatius Catholic School.

With sustainability and recycling as their ethos, Eco developed handmade holiday bows using old magazines and bottle top coasters that were paired with handmade newspaper bags with each sale. Their products were sold at various venues, including the annual Agriculture Show and the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Red Sky at Night.

Eco received two awards at the ceremony, President of the Year (Monecia Tatum) and the Leadership Award (Monecia Tatum).

The Leadership Award is presented following a formal presentation on either a global or Cayman Islands current issue. 10 students are selected out of the 200 plus applicants to deliver a presentation before Government officials, the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement and other community business partners. In addition to Monecia Tatum, Eco’s Tadeu Gollnick, Vice President of Marketing, was also selected to present.

“We are proud to have once again supported the Junior Achievement programme and to work with local high school students to provide a fun but practical opportunity to learn the basic concepts of running a small business,” commented Ashley Watler from the Maples Group and an advisor for Eco.  “The Maples Group would like to congratulate all Junior Achievement participants in this year’s programme and commend Eco on their successful venture.” Since 1991, JA Cayman Islands has been empowering young people to own their economic success. It is part of the world’s largest not-for-profit educational organisation offering in-school and after-school practical business programmes.  JA programmes inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through educational programmes focused on business, economics and free enterprise.


(Via Press Release)


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