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The CSX is recognised as a well regulated stock exchange which continuously adapts to the ever-changing markets. The CSX has built a strong reputation as an approachable, responsive and adaptable exchange.

To date, the CSX has admitted in excess of 4,000 securities to listing and trading on its market and this success has been attributed to a variety of benefits:

  • Operates a dynamic framework whose flexibility, efficiency and competitive fee structure attracts international issuers.
  • Recognised internationally as a listing centre for investment funds and debt securities, a reputation which has grown since the first issuer was listed in 1997.
  • Recognised Stock Exchange for the UK Income Tax Act 2007. Quoted Eurobond Exemption’ for debt securities allows issuers to make interest payments without deduction of withholding taxes.
  • Offers efficient service, competitive pricing and fast document turnaround time.
  • Listing on the CSX provides a valuable marketing tool for promoters and arrangers.
  • The disclosure and continuing obligations of the CSX are less onerous and easier to comply with than other stock exchanges, such as those subjected to the EU Directives.
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