Cayman Islands Insurance Association (CIIA)

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The Cayman Islands Insurance Association (CIIA) was formed in 2004 to bring together the various associations representing the insurance industry in the Cayman Islands. The intention is to create a single body that can respond to and advise the public on insurance issues and to have a single voice in discussions with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, who regulate the insurance industry. We have two Standing Committees: the General Insurance Standing Committee (GISC” and the Health Insurance Standing Committee (HISC), and a main board of the CIIA which also includes a representative from Life Insurance.

Our website is intended to showcase our domestic insurance industry, & the members details are displayed. We also provide useful links to related topics and matters of interest.

One of the main focuses of the CIIA is education and professional development of our own members to increase their knowledge of insurance, & also for the public who may have interest in various insurance topics. Thus we will post articles on topics of interest to the public and our members.

As a body representing the professionals in our industry we worked closely with CIMA to develop Codes of Conduct to ensure the public is dealt with fairly by the insurance bodies on the island. The Codes, posted here, set out the rights and obligations of the insuring public and the level of service and competence they should expect from members of the CIIA.

Mission Statement:

The Cayman Islands Insurance Association (CIIA) seeks to unite all member agents, brokers & companies to create & maintain the highest standards of service, ethics, transparency & good practice in all aspects of insurance in the Cayman Islands, thus protecting & promoting the national & international reputation of the Cayman Islands insurance market.

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