Cayman Islands Bankers Association (CIBA)

Honourary member

The Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association (CIBA) was formed in 1979 and is one of the islands’ oldest associations. Our membership comprises the majority of registered and regulated Cayman Islands banks and trust companies and is open to all relevant licensed institutions.

Currently, our Association comprises 43 Ordinary members (institutions maintaining their own staffed offices in the Cayman Islands) and over 75 associate members (Associate I non-voting membership is available to banks and trust companies that are locally regulated institutions registered in Cayman with no physical residence and managed by class A banks). Associate II (non-voting) membership is also available to licensed non-banking service providers with a physical presence that provides ancillary services to our ordinary membership.

Our Objectives

  • To further the development and preserve the good reputation of the Cayman Islands as an international banking and financial centre
  • To foster and facilitate study courses for the training of bank and trust company staff and to encourage and support institutions in the Cayman Islands in the furtherance of industry-relevant education, such as banking and trust administration and fiduciary practices
  • To identify and champion the common interest of members in their relationships with the government, citizens, businesses and professional associations of the Cayman Islands.

CIBA members elect an executive committee annually comprising a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and six committee members. The committee is responsible for the Association and acts on behalf of, and in the best interest of, all members.

Our relationship with the British Bankers Association, the Florida International Bankers Association and the Institute of International Bankers in New York provides our members with a constant flow of relevant information.

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