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In business since 1997, CNS is a Cayman owned and operated IT consulting and IT services company.
We have a local cloud computing platform for offsite data backup and application hosting, and we offer outsourced IT support to local businesses of all sizes. This includes cyber security auditing and consulting, end user helpdesk, all manner of IT managed services, and 100% locally based senior IT consultants ready to assist you.

Cayman’s Foremost On-Island Cybersecurity Team

Successful or attempted cybersecurity breaches to Cayman based organizations are occurring at record levels regardless of the size or industry of your local business.  Even with the trust and expertise of your in-house or outsourced information technology team, it is possible there may have already been a data breach that has remained undetected, and hackers have access to sensitive company and client data.

Rightfully so, your organization may have invested in a $5,000.00 firewall, only be to undermined by an untrained employee who unknowingly clicked on a malicious link in a fake but realistic looking ‘phishing’ email asking them to verify their email password. Insider threats are often your biggest weakness; disgruntled employees may be leaking confidential information outside your company without your knowledge.

Caribbean Network Solutions (CNS) has a locally-based, specialized, and proficient cybersecurity team that can provide custom-tailored solutions to address your Cayman specific cybersecurity & data protection compliance requirements as well as carry out or oversee technical and procedural exercises required

IT Support

For nearly all Cayman organizations, the volume, complexity, and cost of managing their data is increasing daily – email, documents, instant messages, and more. At the same time businesses worldwide including Cayman are still adapting to having much of their workforce work remotely, while many other workers remain working from their office.

Depending on the nature of client IT Support requests, often a remote response is all that is needed to resolve the issue efficiently, however there also times where an in-person response is required. Having an experienced Cayman-based, 24 x 7 IT team managing or governing your local IT platform with its sensitive information is now more critical than ever.

CNS is the only IT support company in the Cayman Islands with its own in-house certified CAT6 and fiber-optic cabling team. From an IT Support perspective, this means that we can troubleshoot an IT issue, network issue, or Wi-Fi issue from ‘A to Z’ to determine if the issue is IT related or cabling related and resolve it most efficiently.

Remote Monitoring

CNS offers automated remote monitoring solutions for your IT network and IT infrastructure, including firewall monitoring, server and PC monitoring, and cloud solution monitoring. Our monitoring solutions are designed and built with security measures to proactively detect, alert, and avoid potential IT issues often before a user has been affected.

CNS On-Island Cloud Platform

CNS offers on-island / off-shore disaster recovery (DR) solutions from our category 5 hurricane rated DR Site. Our Cayman-based disaster recovery platform is 100% owned and managed by CNS.

As data housed at our site is under the jurisdiction of The Cayman Islands, this effectively eliminates any uncertainty regarding data privacy or sovereignty requirements.

The point of our investment in this platform ensures the highest possible levels of availability and data restoration times. As our systems are local, the response time for data restoration in the event of disaster is far superior to what could be achieved by any off-island solution. We also offer flexible options for off-island DR solutions as a secondary option or alternative.

Custom Tailored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity is the plan you have in place for continuing to work immediately after a disaster situation.

Many local businesses that are not fully prepared with an up-to-date disaster recovery plan and working/ tested off-site disaster recovery backups for every type of imaginable disaster scenario may possibly fail as a direct result.

Successful disaster recovery means having a plan and testing the plan on a regular basis with preparation for any possible scenarios that may include not just a natural disaster such a hurricane, but also a cyberattack (such as ransomware).

Our recommendation for any sized business in Cayman is be proactive and plan for a cyberattack as a matter of when, and not if, in order to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data loss.  This makes having off-site DR backups a necessity.

As every Cayman based organization is unique, each will each have its own individual disaster recovery requirements. CNS will work with you to identify and recommend the all options available to best protect your business and achieve an up-to-date and regularly tested disaster recovery plan with working image and data backups.

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