Cayman Finance Global Briefing: Feb 3, 2021


Welcome to our February 2021 Cayman Finance Global Briefing. We are very pleased to have an opportunity to connect with you, even as we look forward to meeting in person soon once again.
Cayman Finance is the industry association that represents the Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry. The industry has become more important than ever. As the premier global tax neutral financial hub, the Cayman Islands efficiently connects law-abiding users and providers of investment capital and financing around the world – benefiting both developed and developing countries.  Our role in supporting the efficient flow of trade, capital, investing, financing, and services around the world will be essential as economies begin to rebuild during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic.
It is a team effort to maintain the Cayman Islands’ place as a leading jurisdiction for strong and diversified sectors such as investment funds, banking, insurance, reinsurance, capital markets, and trusts. Cayman Finance, the Cayman Islands Government, and our regulator, CIMA, collaborate to ensure that our financial services products and services are consistently delivered to meet or exceed our international clients’ expectations through excellence, innovation, and balance. You will hear from leaders in those areas today.
Our hope is that you take away from this virtual briefing is that the Cayman Islands financial services industry is a global extender of value for developed and developing countries around the world, being uniquely positioned to provide substantial foreign direct investment, which can be used to save or grow businesses, jobs and tax base and support greater returns on pension fund investment for pensioners. We do this with a long-standing and widely recognised commitment to transparency and compliance, which will be elaborated upon by our featured speakers. We hope you find their presentations to be informative.

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Featured speakers


Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Premier of the Cayman Islands

Watch presentation here.


Hon. Tara Rivers

Minister of Financial Services

Watch presentation here.


Mrs. Cindy Scotland

CIMA Managing Director

Watch presentation here.

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